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    Server Error occuring while communicating with data source


      I refresh a tableau dashboard - the report panels and all views look good. Dashboard has around 5 data-sources and 6 panels. I try uploading the updated dasboard to server and while I click on two panels - which source from a  specific data source -  the rendering of the panel errors out with following details:


      "An error occurred while communicating with the data source" - more details in Issue_1.jpg

      When I click on close button another window appears

      "The view cannot display because the domain for one of the filters could not be identified" - more details in Issue_2.jpg



      Could you please let me know what is causing this issue? We don't have any [# Total Clicks] measure available in the datasource currently. This was an existing dashboard which we have updated recently - Does the server maintain any history or cache which is causing this issue?