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    Default Filter Selection - Rolling Dates and Blank Dashboards

      Hello gurus -


      So, I've got some some dashboards that give the users a view of units of work that is date specific, with the current date being the most important data to view; i.e., a real time representation of the work as it is being turned in.  I'd also like to give the user the ability to go backwards on a day by day basis for a week or two; i.e., radio buttons that tie to a date value.  If you select 12/8/2011 with the date filter radio button, the work for that date paints.    Go back a day, and the data paints for the correct date. 


      But, I can't seem to figure out how to get my filter to default to the current date, which means that my easily confused manager group logs into server and gets a blank screen until they select one of the date radio buttons. 


      I think this is probably solvable, but I can't see the answer.  Can anyone help?