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    Calculate from relationship to group/sum

      I am having an issue where I want to create a calculation to group and sum my data based on the filter selected from the linked relationship.  For example:  If you select 3 from the time table and it is linked via "Date" to the sales table then I want it to sum all of the sales corresponding to dates for time 3. Therefore the overall link would be seen below with the tables they are in:


      Time    Time          Time          Sales            Sales 

      3        2012011    CT          2012011          $2000

      3        2012012    CT          2012012          $1500

      3        2012013    PT          2011011          $500

      3        2012021    PT          2012012          $2500



      I want it so sum the first two lines together as 3 - CT and the second two lines together as 3-PT.