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    Multiple Mark Types with a single dimension

    Marc Engle

      I'm trying to create a view like the attached (that would expand for multiple Product #'s).  It sounds simple, but I'm having trouble getting Tableau to do it.


      I've got bookings/billings/forecast data in one table in my SQL database and release milestone dates in another table, each in parameter/value format.  Each table has a fiscal month for each of the records in the table.  The Product # is what is used to join the data. 


      I want to have four lines of data for each product, one for billings that sums the amount of billings for that product in the referenced fiscal month, one for bookings that sums the amount of bookings that product has in a given fiscal month, one for forecast that sums the amount forecasted amount of dollars for that product.  Then I want to have another line for each product that shows a static mark of a diamond (or some other mark) tha shows me in which month a particular milestone happens.


      I can get a table that shows the crosstab nature of the bookings/billings/forecast data, but I cannot seem to get another line that shows a different mark type of a diamond (and maybe a label as shown).  Anyone have any ideas?