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    Linking Data for Global Dashboard Filter

    Matt Black

      Hey all,


      I've read a number of similar posts which are almost, but not quite like my question (apologies if someone finds it where I couldn't).


      I have several MySQL based data connections, but each has a piece of "Custom SQL" instead of selecting a single table. When a dashboard uses worksheets which are based off a single data connection, a global filter works fine. However, if my dashboard combines worksheets based on two different data connections, then multiple 'global' filters are added (understandably).


      In both cases, the field I'm filtering on is the date field in the DB.. Although Tableau clearly doesn't know that. I've tried the Relationships dialog to associate the two data connections, but it doesn't appear to have any effect. Does any one know how to configure this, or if it is even possible?


      A final option would be to convert my Custom SQL snippets to native Views in MySQL and then expose them to Tableau as though they're tables - which I think I may work by using the Tables join dialog.


      Thanks for any and all input. Have a good weekend.