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    Global setting to change week number to start on Mondays

    Nick Thistleton

      As a new Tableau user in the UK, I've found a few forum posts about workarounds to report on weeks which start on Mondays.  Whilst I'm sure these work to a degree, I think it would be great to introduce a global setting so that weekday on which week commences could be set for a whole workbook.  In my business, I need to do a lot of weekly reporting and these weeks always start on a Monday.  In Excel, there is an argument for the WEEKNUM function which determines whether you want the week to start on a Sunday or Monday and a similar thing would be useful in Tableau.  The workarounds feel awkward and I'm not sure whether you lose the richness of date filtering if you implement these.

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          Ryan K

          Nick - I agree with you. Rather than a Week# in Tableau (which is utterly useless) I would also like to see a Week Of Date, configurable by the start of your week (similar to how Tableau handles fiscal year). However, from these forums I've found a formula that works just fine for Week Of starting Monday, in the meantime (change InvoiceDate to the date value in your data set):


          DATEADD('day', 0, DATETRUNC('week',DATEADD('day', 1, [InvoiceDate])))