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    MTD, QTD, YTD for various measures

    James Cartwright

      Hi Everyone!


      I originally posted this as a reply to a previous post, with no response, so have posted as a new topic.


      First post, and a complete newbie to Tableau so bear with me...

      I think this thread is relevant to what i want to achieve, but i can't quite work out how to tweak the workbook to answer my specific questions which are:


      1. Measure MTD, QTD, and YTD vs. MTD-1, QTD-1 and YTD-1 for all my metrics (plus looking at this thread also being able to compare against previous period as opposed to period - 1 year)

      2. Ensure that when comparing against previous periods, only summing upto the current date in the month (e.g. upto 25th October 2011 vs. upto 25th October 2010 for MTD, or from 1st October, upto 25th October 2011 Q4 2011 vs. same date range for 2010)

      3. Be able to view all metrics at once (currently only 2 metrics in data BR and TD, set up as parameter to view by model)

      4. Ideally be able to show traffic light of Month on Month, Quarter on Quarter etc - can't see how to do this without creating separate tables for these measures.


      See the attached for what I have managed so far. This approach uses the MTD etc measures to show the period comparisons, with the metric parameter coded within the calculation. This limits me to showing only one metric at a time.


      Sorry for long post, but I am a bit stuck, and know there must be a better way to achieve my goal