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    Missing Filters on Dynamic Dashboard

    Steve Mazer


      I’m using a method by Jeff Pettiross to dynamically select and display sheets on a dashboard. The problem that I’m having is that an important quick filter and color legend only show up properly on one of the selected sheets, but not the other (the quick filter and the color lengend's container titles are there, but both have an empty list of items).



      Yesterday I received some tremendous help from John Abdo, Dan Cory (From Tableau), and Joe Mako on how to display some job data by date and time. It was a problem that seemed (to me) to be simple when I first approached it, but turned out to be beyond my abilities. You can read the full posting by clicking here.


      Once I adapted John, Dan, and Joe’s solution to my actual data, I showed it to the business. They really liked it, but asked if they could see not only jobs by date, but also dates by job, and they wanted to have them on the same dashboard, and have the ability to choose which one they wanted to see.


      I went back to the forums, and I found a very ingenious tutorial on how to dynamically display and hide sheets on a dashboard by Jeff Pettiross (from Tableau). You can find his tutorial in this posting, about 30% down the page.


      I followed Jeff’s method (which works very well), but the problem that I’m having now is that some of the filters and the legends only show up when one of the sheets is selected. For example, when I select Jobs by Date, I can properly see my Job Name filter and my Job Success color legend, but when I select Dates by Job, there are no items in the Job Name filter and Job Success color legend.


      I’ve produced an example workbook and some screen shots to illustrate my problem. If someone could nudge my brain in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

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          Joe Mako

          I have been using this method since layout containers were added, and I do not think think this is a use case that Tableau has designed for yet, just a method that kind of works. Most times it just takes trial and error to see what works and what does not work. There are a multitude of methods you can employ to get the exact result that you want in Tableau. Here are a couple of things that I have found:


          Each quick filter and color legend is tied to a worksheet. When you remove that worksheet from the dashboard, the filter and legend are removed as well. When that worksheet has no data displayed, the discrete color legend (blue pill on the color shelf) and quick filters will disappear, leaving their titles. Color legends, when a continuous (green pill) is on the color shelf, do not get removed when there is no data, instead they turn to null. There are a number of other details as well that I would be glad to offer options for as you encounter them. My biggest complaint being that collapsed sheets/legends do no collapse to zero pixels, and if you add a bunch of collapsible sheets into a layout container, you loose valuable pixels on your dashboard to unneeded white-space.


          One useful method to have available for some situations is the ability to make a worksheet look like a legend. This way you don't have to worry about it going away or staying when it should go, because you can have greater control over what is displayed and how it is displayed, but this is not needed for your current situation.


          What would work for your situation is the following:

          1. use your parameter to switch between displaying both your sheets on the dashboard, and ensuring that the Color Legend is turned on for both, see attached image.

          2. Edit the Legend Title for the bottom one, removing the text. Now as you switch between them you have the single title, with a little extra white-space sometimes (If you wanted that extra space gone, you could use the sheet as a legend method instead, as in the example workbook)

          3. Next for the quick filter, create a blank sheet. There are a number of ways to effectively make a blank sheet, I prefer the method in the attached that uses a calc field to create a null numeric value

          IF 1=0 THEN 0 END
          , Measure Names as a dimension, and then for the green continuous pill, and on the Pane tab of its Format options, set the Special Values to be "Hide" when Null.

          4. Place this blank worksheet on the dashboard, remove the current quick filter, and from the blank sheet, add the quick filter to the dashboard.


          Thank you for your detailed questions. If you ever want to talk Tableau, please join me for a screen sharing session, I would be glad to share some useful methods for enabling Tableau, you are welcome to contact me via http://gplus.to/joemako