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    PMT function in Tableau?

    Lewis Manley

      Hi all,

      I want to incorporate a calculated field within a Tableau sheet to create a loan calculator. I have created parameters for loan value, loan %, repayment term but I now notice there isn't a PMT function within the calculated field function menu. This PMT function within Excel is very useful but I am at a loss how to calculate this "manually".

      Any help greatly appreciated.


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          Miron Lulic

          PV  /  [(1- (1 / (1 + i)n )) / i]


          Where PV=amt of loan (present value)

          i=periodic interest rate

          n=# of periods


          so in excel you could enter this

          =100000/((1-(1/(1+ (0.12/12)) ^ 12) )/(0.12/12))


          ...and get the same answer as the PMT formula. You'd want to create a calculated field using this logic.


          The formula is what's known as an annuity. Do a google search for annuity formulas and you'll find more details/examples.

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