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    Interesting problem with tableau

    Srinivas Dronamraju

      Hi everyone,

                      I have been designing many dashboards and encountered an interesting problem,


      The requirment was as follows..


      The client was looking to do something a bit unusual with Top filters 

      They want to be able to filter all their visualizations by the top 5 competitors AND a brand with the top 5 competitors being dynamic. In other words, they want to be able to select a region, for example, have the top 5 car makers by sales show up as well as Honda, even if Honda isn’t in the top 5 by sales.


      Create your index calculation (INDEX())

      2.      Click on the upper right hyperlink “Default Table Calculation”

      3.      Chose “Compute Using Advanced”

      4.      Pick brand

      5.      Sort by sum of sales descending

      6.      Then create the filterable calculation  IF [Rank]<=5 OR ATTR([Brand])="honda" THEN ATTR([Brand]) ELSE NULL END


      The interesting part is here...


      When we remove the top sales and try to filter by nameplate( individual brands)


      It is calculating for each brand to be 100% but with the same calculation we are able to get correct values when we select all the brands.


      Let me know if you have a solution for the problem.


      index created based on nameplate and selected time


      while calculation is as follows  :  percent of total calculated for    sum(dollars spend)/total(sum(dollars spend))  , this would calculate the share of market etc for individual values .


      This calculation works for all the brands together but when we select individual brands we are getting 100% as the values.Thats a problem we got struck with...Any help would be appreciated...