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    Server Data Import Using Tableau Extract

      If you import data from a server into tableau desktop using the "Import Some Data Feature" why do all of the fields from the table still show in the dimensions and measures shelves? 

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          Joe Mako

          The "Import Some Data" option is a filter, not a column selection. Although there is a "Hide unused columns" button, that will setup your column selection for you. When you connect to your data source, you can have the option for "Multiple Tables", and from the "Edit" button, you can specify what columns you want when connecting, and then when you Import All or Some, you will only be importing from those columns selected. If you are currently connected to the data source with a "Live" connection, then you can Hide, the dimensions and measures you do not want to extract, and they will not be extracted , this is what the "Hide unused columns" button does, it is a shortcut for hiding unneeded columns.