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    Top 10 problem: filter order of operations & order filter types

      I think I have a problem filter order of operations & order filter types.


      I have a dashboard showing Top 10 suppliers by cost with the Product Segment as the color in a stacked bar graph.  I would like to see the top 10 weather or not I have a product segment filter.  What I’m ending up with Tableau reading the total cost, picking the top 10, and then showing which of those 10 falls into the product segment I picked in the filter. 


      I can’t figure how to get Tableau to take the top 10 cost by product segment then show the 10 suppliers.  I’ve been reading in the forums & KBA but I can’t get the right combo or order set up. 


      First, I used a standard Top 10 by sum[cost] filter.  Then I added a product segment as a context filter.  I can filter on product segment and 10 suppliers still show in the workbook & dashboard at this point.  Next, on my dashboard I made the product segment the control filter for the dashboard (& this automatically adds the action to my filter on the worksheet).  Next I choose a segment and I only get 7 suppliers returned. 


      Tableau is now taking the top 10 by total cost and showing which of those 10 have cost in the Trading Floor segment.  I’ve been trying different combos of adding context and sorts but the action filter wins every time.  Any advice?


      I attached a couple of screen shots, but some of the names are blocked to protect the innocent :-)