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    Creating the equivalent of a Venn diagram?

    Ramon Felciano

      Hi --


      I have a list of data items that fall into a number of categories (like tags). Some items fall into multiple categories. I'm trying to visualize, at an aggregate level, the extent to which items have unique or shared categories (i.e. 17 items share all 3 categories, 12 share category A and B, 6 share category B and C, etc).


      Normally I would try to generate a Venn Diagram, but AFAICT it is not possible to do a Venn Diagram in Tableau; is there an alternative equivalent for visualization this sort of data?





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          Joe Mako

          How about something like the attached?


          I used a calculated field:



          CASE SUM(
           CASE [Category]
          WHEN "A" THEN 100
          WHEN "B" THEN 010
          WHEN "C" THEN 001
          WHEN 111 THEN "ABC"
          WHEN 110 THEN "AB_"
          WHEN 011 THEN "_BC"
          WHEN 101 THEN "A_C"
          WHEN 100 THEN "A__"
          WHEN 010 THEN "_B_"
          WHEN 001 THEN "__C"


          To kind of use flags to determine the combination of Categories, and then with the ID field on the Level of detail shelf, I could use a Reference Line to sum the distinct count of IDs per grouping.


          Does this work for your situation? If not, can you provide data that represents your situation?