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    Tableau 6.0.5 and 5.2.8 Now Available

    Erin Easter

      Tableau 6.0.5 is now available to everyone with current maintenance. You can download it from the Customer Account Center. This minor release contains a larger number of corrections than regular minor releases. The corrections are in both Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. See a list of changes on the Release Notes page.


      Also available is Tableau 5.2.8. You can download it from the Alternate Download Site. A list of changes in this version can also be found on the Release Notes page.


      If you have any questions about this upgrade please contact Customer Service.

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          . Mcnike

          Erin, can you explain to us Tableau's logic behind updates to the Tableau Reader?  Do you release a new version of the Reader every time you release a new version of the Desktop?  I can see that you keep the versions locked between the Desktop and Server (currently they're both 6.0.5), but is that the case with the Reader as well? Or is the Reader on an altogether different release cycle?


          And a somewhat unrelated question - is there any way to "subscribe" to the "Release News" section of the forum?  I would like to get a notification anytime a new thread is created, and anytime a reply is posted.  Or more to the point, I'd like to be notified of updates to the Desktop/Server as soon as updates are available, without having to scan the forums.  Seeing how you create a new thread for every release - I do not have a thread that I can subscribe to.  I know we have rss options to subscribe to all the posts on the forum... but I don't really care much for that option.


          Have you folks considered adding "version checking" functionality to the "About" window, it could phone home and notify me of updates?  Maybe something along the lines of what Chrome does in its About window (see attachment)?  I wouldn't want it to install the updates automatically, but a notification would be nice.

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            Joe Mako

            Here is the RSS feed for just the Release notes section:



            If you do not use an RSS reader, you can Google search for an RSS to email service.