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    Dynamic Update of Parameter values

    Michael Mixon



      Is there a way to have Parameter values update based on some other condition or filter?  For example, I have a Parameter list of customer names, so that a user can select a customer and compare their performance to their sub-region/country etc.  The Parameter list contains all customer names, regardless of whether or not the dashboard has been filtered down for a specific region or sub-region, meaning that users might select a customer that doesn't actually exist in the filtered data.


      What I'd like to be able to do is have a dynamic Parameter list, so that the customer values in the drop-down are all valid for the filtered data-set.  Is this possible?





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          Chris Cushman


          I would like to raise this question again...

          Lets say I have a paparater for Region and the a Paramater for Market.

          Regions are composed of multiple Markets.

          I need to use a paramater because I have like 20 diferent tabs in my dashboard and many different ways of filtering so global filters = n/a.

          If the users selects a Region via that paramater, the Market paramater options list is hard coded to be all markets and does not react to the region filter even though it should be a sub set of Markets based upon the selected Region.

          Has anyone found a work around for this?