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    . AKS

      I have two questions:

      1) how can i turn off the filters (quick filters) and export options (pdf,...) through url parameters

      2) How can i remove or disable the 3 line (show all) from quick filter through url parameter

      i'm using my .net application to connect to the tableau server

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          James Baker

          The short answer is that you can't do these things through url parameters. You can use :toolbar=no to turn the whole toolbar off.  You can also control export options through user permissions.  Since the title of this post is "Viewer user", I'll add that viewers don't see quick filters - interactors do (I'm talking about license levels).  The display of the "(All)" item in categorical quick filters is a per-filter setting controlled by authors/publishers.

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            . AKS

            Thanks for the response,


            on a published report, under quick filter, on top right corner i have something like = (show more values) i need to disable this otherwise if user click on that , he would end up with a very large list that has a side effect on the performance and rerendering the report.

            Is there anyway of disabling this option

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              James Baker

              Oops - I was going to say "It's right next to the (All) customization", but just realized that both of those are in the next version of Tableau.  In the next release, you'll be able to enable/disable both the "(All)" and the "Show more values".

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                . AKS

                Do you have any idea when the next version will be released?