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    Install Tableau Server on a machine with IIS

    Thomas B



      I am about to install Tableau Server on a server with IIS running.

      My guess is that i should use separate IPs to avoid port conflicts with the embedded webserver of Tableau Server.

      Do you know how to configure this ?

      I read in the Administrator Guide that it's possible to change the standard port numbers used by Tableau by i would rather do that using different IPs.


      Thank you


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          James Baker

          Hi Thomas,


          Port 80 is the default/assumed HTTP port - so your IIS which is serving up web pages at "http://myserver" is actually "http://myserver:80".  Tableau Server is designed to coexist other applications, and the default gateway port of 80 can easily be changed during installation to any other port you like, such as 81.  The only downside to this is that you have to remember to specify the port when connecting from the web and Tableau Desktop.


          If you'd like to remove the burden from your (either IIS or TS) users of specifying a port number while still sharing a machine, what you probably want is not another IP for your machine but what's called "Virtual Hosts".  This is where you have "domain1.com" and "domain2.com" both point(DNS) to the "myserver" machine.  The web server running on port 80 of "myserver" then looks at the URL requested and routes the request to the proper server running on another port (say, "domain1.com" goes to 81 for IIS and "domain2.com" goes to 82 for TS).  This is very common in the Apache world (which is what TS uses), and I'm sure there's an IIS analogue as well.


          If you're just worried about avoiding port conflicts though, please don't be.  IIS is not the only thing using a port on your machine - other programs and services use dozens of ports all the time, and Tableau Server could hardly work at all without being designed to scan for free ports (we stick to the 8000's mostly) and find ones that are not in use.




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            Thomas B

            Hi James,

            Thanks for your answer.

            Sorry i should have been a bit clearer about what i would like to do.

            I already have several websites running on several IPs on the same interface (virtual hosts) using IIS.

            I already set up a new IP to install Tableau Server, since i would like to use port 80 for TS a well.

            I know how to configure IIS to only listen to a specific IP for a given website but i would like to do the same with TS webserver (apache/tomcat i assume).

            You said that i could change the port numbers used by TS during installation. Is it also possible to specify an IP at the same time ? (i remember installing products embedding web servers like TS, and it usually doesn't play well with IIS at first, so if possible, i would like to set this up from the beginning).




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              James Baker

              Uh, so you've been saying "IP" and I've been saying "domain name", and I'm not sure which is correct for your box.


              My belief from reading the above is that you have one IP with multiple domain names pointing to that interface.  If that's the case, then you'd need to create a virtual host entry for TS in IIS and have IIS act as a reverse proxy for Apache, which it can't do.  (I'm told IIS 6 can't, at least, don't know about version 7.)


              However, if you do have a multi-NIC box with multiple external IPs that bind to the separate interfaces, then you can edit Tableau Server's httpd.conf and change the Listen directive to bind to IP:port instead of just *:port that is the default setup.  As long as IIS is then binding to just its own IP, then you should be just fine.


              Did I make sense with all that?

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                Thomas B

                Hello James,


                I do have several IPs on my machine. I am now trying to modify TS httpd.conf but there are several in the installation directory and i can't figure out which one i should modify.

                After making sure that IIS uses a specific IP, I modify the Listen directive of the httpd.conf located in data\tabsvc\config and change the value to something like, I restart TS and IIS but it seems like the configuration files of TS are overwritten and i can't access TS using

                Is there any other configuration file i should modify ?


                Thank you

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                  Joerg Hopmann



                  I followed your suggestion (from Oct 2008) but run into some issues. TS starts fine but I cannot connect via TD and I cannot open any view because of internal server errors. Restraining TS to just one IP via the Listen directive seems to mess around with my setup. When I remove the Listen line you suggested everything works just fine. Any suggestions?





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                    James Baker

                    I don't know, Joerg.  You should perhaps have Support look at your logs to see what the errors are.