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    Exporting Images Best Practice

    Alex Kerin

      Well, this is my best practice for getting images out of tableau - suggestions welcomed...


      I need to export charts out of Tableau to put into Word. After some trial and error, I came up with this method which I think is the easiest and produces the nicest looking charts.


      1. Create a new dashboard, call it 'image exporter' or something similar

      2. Set the size of the dashboard to be exactly 600 pixels by 400

      3. Drag your sheet with the chart into the dashboard, remove any unneeded legends, filters, titles, row headings, etc.

      4. Change the dashboard height/width if you need to, to better fit the chart type

      5. Drag in any other charts you want to appear next to this one

      6. File, export, image

      7. Choose extended metafile - this, by far, produces the best looking graphic with crisp edges

      8. I like to save as the same filename every time - if I need the chart again I can quickly recreate it. This also makes the import quicker as I only have one filename to find.

      9. In word, insert picture, etc.


      EMFs tend to be massive files (10s of megs) if there are a lot of individual data points, but my version of word (2010) does a great job of reducing their size (total doc size with a 45meg EMF was only a few hundred k) without compromising quality. Your version may be okay as well...