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    URL action with worksheet time filter values

    David Anderson

      Is it possible to geneate a URL action that references the start and end times of a time filter? For example, the user might have a sheet that displays data for various locations, and he's got the time period filtered down to 9/1/2010 to 9/15/2010. The data source has the data aggregated in 24-hour chunks. So I see how to generate a URL that would reference a specific mark for a location and 24-hour period, but how might I add a link that references the selected location and 9/1 through 9/15?

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          Richard Leeke

          I often want to do something similar - though generally with a filter action rather than a URL action.  Version 6 opens up possibilities here by using parameters.


          What I do is define parameters instead of quick filters, and then use those parameters in filter conditions to simulate the effect of a quick filter.  The parameters are then also available on the target sheet for the filter action.  It's a little bit clunky in some cases - I typically want range filters, so really I want a single slider-bar to control two parameters - but two single valued parameter sliders can be a reasonable solution.


          Parameters are available in the dialogue for creating the URL in a URL action (though I'm just about to submit a beta bug report, because when I tried it Tableau crashed).  But in principle it looks as if this should offer a way of doing what you want.

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            guest contributor

            Thanks Richard - Was wondering how to do a single filter across multiple VMStat and client-side timestamps....

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              guest contributor

              I want to use hyperlink property of action.

              I want to send parameter like sum(order_quantity) to any url.


              Is there any steps for that.

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                Please help How can I post questions here.

                I am a fresh college Grad. and started working as a BI consultant and need to self learn tableau in  three weeks.

                Please help

                Thank You

                beast regards


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                  Jonathan Drummey

                  Hi Inam,


                  If you are serious about learning Tableau quickly then I suggest starting with the Tableau training videos that are available on the website. Read the Tableau manual and try out what it suggests, and buy the _Rapid Graphs with Tableau_ book (http://freakalytics.com/) and walk through its examples. Once you've done all that, you'll have some basics down. Then pick an area like maps, dashboards, table calculations, graphs, Tableau Server (if you have access to that), working with specific data sets, etc. and then start mastering that (the forums are a huge resource), and once you have a handle on that (which can take days to weeks to years) then move onto another area. It's an incredibly deep piece of software, I've been using Tableau pretty intensively since last summer and there's still massive amounts I don't know.


                  Also, there's a huge amount of industry-specific details about how data visualization might be applied for a given client, unless you have prior experience with what your clients do you're going to be on a very steep learning curve there as well. And, finally, even though Tableau implements a lot of best practices in terms of visualization, we can still create views that are painful to look at and hard to understand. If you are not familiar with the work of Edward Tufte and Stephen Few, buy their books and start reading. Juice Analytics has also been putting out some great stuff for learning design.