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Using R with Tableau for HR Analytics

I need your help in determining which HR Advanced Analytic topic I should use to demonstrate the capability of R programming (statistical package) with Tableau. This would be used as a presentation for our first Human Resources Tableau User Group Meeting. The poll below has different HR Analytics topics that may be of interest to our HR Tableau Community. Please let me know your preference. The presentation will include the setup/integration of R with Tableau, and the use of a specific R function with Tableau for an advanced HR Analytic topic. This tableau package can then be distributed to Tableau Users who attend the meeting. Please note that topics such as Logistic Regression i.e. multi-factor analysis on the causes/prediction of Turnover will be difficult to demonstrate during a specific time frame. We can discuss why during the presentation and where to find additional information on these topics.

Poll Results
  • Simple Regression (Relationship/Influence -Years of Experience on Base Salary) (20%)
  • Simple Regression (Relationship/Influence - Tenure with the Company on Voluntary Turnover) (30%)
  • Time Series Forecasting for Headcount (0%)
  • Time Series Forecasting for Attrition (20%)
  • Simple Regression (Relationship/Influence - Time Since Promotion on Voluntary Turnover) (10%)
  • K Clustering (Grouping) - Voluntary Turnover and Age (20%)
  • "Other - please leave a comment" (0%)


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