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How do you do SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) for your Tableau reporting world?

Curious to know how people are using their Tableau Server options for report testing & production publishing.


While there are many discussions here about how/where QA & production work it's not easy to understand exactly how others are actually implementing it.  In the blog-o-sphere there are various entries on how such-n-such a company does it; here's two example about this process that people point to (and they are much stronger Server admins than I am!), however, they still lack implemental information as there's not enough precise detail:


Right now I'm interested in how admins have their reporting world set up at the Mile-High level.  "Environment" is very ambiguous so we can't use that word in our descriptions, we need to be specific.  The poll is to capture that level of detail as to who uses exactly what:  Server or Site or Project.  The object is NOT to talk about how migrations are performed (there's plenty of other discussions about that).



  • If you only develop AND test/QA/UAT in one environment and have a separate environment for production just use the choice that comes closest, it's not required that you follow the choices exactly to the letter.
  • This is for report developing only.  Do not take into consideration software testing like upgrade testing, beta testing, etc.
Poll Results
  • We develop on one Server, test/QA/UAT on a second Server, & final production is on a third Server (21%)
  • Using only one Server we develop in one Site, test/QA/UAT in a second Site, & final production is in a third Site (12%)
  • Using only one Server we develop in one Project, test/QA/UAT in a second Project, & final production is on a third Project (41%)
  • Publish directly to production Server (15%)
  • Other - please leave a comment (12%)


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