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TC16 Meet Up

I am checking to see if there is any interest in meeting up in Austin some evening.  I am thinking Monday evening or Tuesday after 3 sometime.  Wednesday is the DATA Night out and people will be leaving Thursday evening.  I realize Monday is a travel day as well so it would be a little later, maybe like 8.  There are a few places near the convention center we can go to, but it might be a few blocks away as its going to be busy.  Please respond to the poll if you are interested and i will set it up accordingly.  Will post more once we get the results final.

Poll Results
  • Monday Funday in the Evening (0%)
  • Let's do it Tuesday afternoon (0%)
  • I am in for either (33%)
  • I am not going to make it, but I am sure it will be a great time!!! (67%)


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