My colleagues at Boulder Insight launched into a Friday afternoon dare to see who could make the best viz for the 2015 Iron Viz featuring Wikipedia data in the shortest amount of time.  I took the bait; here's what i did:


The fastest way to find lists of data on Wikipedia is to use Google's Fusion Tables search function:  Scrolling through the entries, you're able to quickly see subject areas and record counts.  An easy click of the "Export Data" button gives you an option to open the data in Google Sheets.  From there you can download as multiple file types.


One of the available data sets was a list of Chinese characters ( 


I was intrigued to know if Tableau natively supported other character sets.  Export to Google Sheets, download to CSV, and import into Tableau ... and there they were.  Very Nice!


Now, with the deepest respect for Asian cultures and an appreciation for ... life lessons (…), I thought I'd try to make a tool that might help people make better choices.


(Note: The validation on the Insert Viz link doesn't like the new "" domain.)


Thanks and hope you enjoy it!