Installing version 10.0 on our QA Server and here are some pictures of new stuff I'm seeing as I install it right now.


Here's the screen that asks if you want Tableau to create a backup for you or not:


I didn't stop Server so Tableau did it for me :


A second window opened opened under the above one and when I looked at it this is what it was:

So the uninstall is being done, just automatically


Can finally browse to other drives:


Unfortunately this additional click still exists:

It's just that I want the fewest clicks necessary to get this job done and the above should just be an information pop-up, not something that requires a confirmation click.


Oh, speaking of unnecessary additional clicks:

If everything is okay then just continue on.  The progress display lets me know everything is fine:

Please, only make me click when there's an error or actual data input required.


Oh, when everything was done I was greeted with this in Internet Explorer 8 :

LOL, yeah, I think I need to tell the IT folks who build the VMs to put the corporate standard browser on them (Internet Explorer v.11).  Luckily this is no big deal for me, now I have a vald reason to use Firefox! ...< time passes >...and installed!


Okay, this install did go quickly, mostly because there was no mandatory backup required   As noted above there is still a need in my opinion to speed up the install process by having less clicks, especially mid-stream.


Good luck with your upgrades.  Tableau has done a good job making this easy and the documentation is a little more thorough, which is a nice and positive change