Google Maps API

The post by Tarun got me playing a little bit with Google's API.  I only worked with the Google Static Maps API and it appears that this does not require an API key.  If you wish to get an API key it's free of charge, you just need to have a Google account.  I already have a Google account so getting the API key was super fast and easy...and free!


For help with constructing a map see the Google Static Maps API Guide.  This will give you the required and optional parameters for displaying maps.  Here's a workbook Action that I created: it looks in the menu:

...and what appears when clicking on the hyperlink:

Yes, a new browser tab will be created every time a hyperlink is clicked, in Desktop and in Server.


Using Variables

You can use Dimensions in the Name and URL of the Action to customize the user experience.  For example, in the attached workbook, clicking on a mark will change the Action caption as well as the map that gets called:


Here's the Action that allows for this:


If you decide to use an API key be aware that it will be visible so others who know how it works could use it and thus reduce the usage of it.