We can define the Sorting in different Ways.





1) Based upon Single Column (Such as Sorting on Region. Sorting on City). Note Only single at a time.



2) If you want to Sorting Cities of West in Desc, Cities of Central in Ascending, then we need to select the Region one by one individually on the Work area then Apply the Sorting.










3) The below screen shot is intend to sorting the Report according to "Region' Sales Value".

Before Sorting.png



Defining the Sorting of Region as Sales Volume figures

Sorting Regions - Sales Figure Base 1.png



After Sorting

After Sorting.png



Regions are in Ascending, Cities are in Descending order as Sales Figures

Regions - Asc    City - Desc.png




If we want to Apply sorting using two Fields, We need to combine the Fields like the Below screen shotCombine.png



After combining 2 Fields, we get the New field like below screen shot.





In the following screen shot, I used the Combined Fields for sorting purpose.111.png