How can show the Data when data is located 3 different sheets in the single XL Workbook


Below are the XL sheets, where having data for 3 Countries in 3 Sheets.
23.png  24.png 25.png
1) All 3 Sheets are located in single XL Workbook.
2) Connect XL workbook (Sheet 1) to Tableau.
3) Then Extract the Data.
26.png        27.png
4) Connect to the Same XL workbook Sheet2.
29.png  30.png
5) Define the Relationship Between DB1 & DB2. Then Right click first DB Extract, click on "Append data from data source". Then refresh Extract
31.png     32.png
6) Now we are having data fro 3 Countries (Which are located in 3 XL sheets in 1 Workbook.)