We can get it either Top 95% of total, ot Bottom 95% of total by using Sort option.


Top Cities upto 95% of total Sales1.png



Bottom Cities upto 95% or Less2.png



I used t he Following calculations for this task,


Running Sum (Field)

Syntax: RUNNING_SUM(sum([Sales] ))


Window Sum (Field)

window_sum(sum([Sales] ))



Upto .95  (Field)


if (RUNNING_SUM(sum([Sales] ))/ window_sum(sum([Sales] )))<=.95 then (RUNNING_SUM(sum([Sales] ))/ window_sum(sum([Sales] ))) end




you want to show list of cities upto 95 % of total, & hide remaining things, then create a calculated field (Boolean) then drop it into Filters then select "Yes". like the below screen shot.


Name: Show Cities upto 95 % of  Running total

Syntax: (RUNNING_SUM(sum([Sales] ))/ window_sum(sum([Sales] )))<=.95