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The inner geek; my Tableau blog

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Hi everyone,


We often struggle to be able to visualise performance thematically across a range of data; allowing consumers to easily digest and interpret multiple metrics within a single visualisation.


I was fortunate enough to attend Tableau on Tour in London during June and participate in Bethany Lyons' Tableau session called 'Artilize'. This shared examples of how Tableau can be used in creative ways to create visualisations that go well beyond the traditional methods of visualising data; one such example that she shared was a 'Lollipop chart'. This allows multiple metrics to be visualised on a single line for a dimension; enabling effective benchmarking across teams whilst still doing this using more than one measure. Needless to say the inner data geek in me was inspired (there were other phrases that came to mind but they cannot be repeated on here!).


Having returned back to the office my team have been busy trialling this technique and we have now successfully developed our first ever Pop charts. I thought this would be worthwhile sharing with you all in case the technique is of interest to you. I have provided a picture of our Pop chart below (using anonymous teams and test data); the Pop chart compares performance across 4 themes of metrics, with other visualisations available that then split each of the 4 themes into their component parts (i.e. each individual metric within each theme).


Tableau POP chart.png


The visualisation technique has been really well received by our consumers of data and it is offering people a real insight in to how to understand performance thematically.



UK Healthcare User Group