Japanese follows bottom of this post.


My name is Shin.

As many people in my generation are so, I was heavy MS excel user.

The skill itself is actually beneficial in my company.

In the past I tried to learn MS access, but not succeeded with technical difficulties I encountered.


2 years ago, I met Tableau and I became a fan of Tableau immediately.

The way I came to know Tableau was actually from info as Emerging Stock.

And I became interested in the service itself because it is said that the program is expanding their users through user-to-user communication.


Still struggling to develop Tableau skills, but all of trial and errors are fun for me.

Talking about Stock, I really purchased Tableau Stock.  But just made loss.  That's not from company's bad performance, but from my bad timing of buy/sell. : )



Shin という者です。







株式からスタートしたと言いましたが、実際、株を購入しました。が、損しました。orz      会社の業績によるものではなく、私の売買のタイミングの悪さによるものです。。