I've decided to deconstruct other people's vizzes in an effort to learn how to put together dashboards and storyboards (my efforts thus far have been fraught with frustration).  Plus, I thought it would be a good way to pick up little tricks.  I picked a few of Tableau Public's featured authors to follow and picked a viz by Klaus Schulte to go through. 


I noticed that Klaus' dashboard just used a tiled layout with no containers, so the charts display in a straight forward manner.  I liked how he used floating text boxes and a floating image for added information and polish to the graphic.  I also liked how he hid the supporting sheets from view.


I was curious about the gender symbols in the charts, so went to the worksheet to check it out.  Klaus used an annotation and I'm assuming a symbol from a text set for the gender symbols.  I never knew about annotations until today.  Thanks Klaus!