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Create Geo Hierarchy with State and city.

Step 1:

Create Size filter


Step 2:

Create Reset filter:


Step 3:

Create State map and drag Size filter into filter then select true and compute using state.

Edit filter and select False.


Step 4:

Create City sheet and drag the Size filter into filter and compute using state and city and at the level State

Edit Filter and select custom Values list type "True"

Step 5:

Create reset sheet and add reset into shape mark.


Step 6:

Create Dashboard

Drag the vertical container into dashboard and drag state sheet in top and city sheet in bottom of dashboard.

Remove the titles in the sheet.

Drag the reset sheet into dashboard.



Step 7:

Set action like below.

State Sheet Actions:

City Sheet Actions:

Reset Filter:

Step 1:

1. Duplicate your dimension


2. Drag duplicated dimension into filter and select null and exclude it.

3. Drag original dim into filter and show more/Fewer buttom option using customize.


4.Select Fewer values in filter


Now we can get desired values only in filter.