Iced Tea and Lemonade

Break time!


Let's kick back and relax.  I just submitted a support ticket through the customer portal; so we should have plenty of time to catch up.


I think I'll have me an Arnold Palmer .  Two beverages which are great on their own.  But, when mixed together, what could go wrong?


Like I said, let's catch up.




Ring Ring

Sorry; forgot to silence my cell phone.


Tyler who, from where?

But, I just submitted that ticket.  How could you ...

OK.  Yes.  But.

Wow, OK; thank you so much!

That was Tableau Tech Support.  I know!  That's got to be one of the fastest turn around times I've ever experienced from a company. Anyway, Tyler knew my issue and got an answer for me ASAP.


Thank you Tyler.  You Rock!


Tableau Mobile

Failed A Secure Connection To My Server

My issue?  I just installed Tableau Mobile on my Android phone and wanted to try it out.  Alas, it wouldn't connect to my Tableau Server.



The URL you provided specifies an encrypted (https) connection, but the server's certificate is untrusted.  Tableau Mobile can connect to this server only over a non-secure (http) connection, or you can sign in through the web browser.  How would you like to connect?



Yes, a secure connection is required.  And yes, our certificate is valid.  I know because I can connect to our Tableau Server via a web browser from my PC just fine.  It does however have a certificate chaining issue.  But, why can I make a secure connection from my PC and not my phone?  This issue seems more complicate that what can be seen on the surface.


The app didn't seem to like Tableau Public either.  Not because of the certificate; I tried http and https connections.  It just doesn't like it.



Tableau Mobile cannot connect to Tableau Public.  Sign in to this server from the browser instead?



Pitty.  Assuming it's certificate is setup correctly, connecting to Tableau Public via https would've been a good troubleshooting step.  I used instead, and the app worked just fine.



Tyler sent me a link to the article "Connecting Tableau Mobile to Tableau Server Using SSL".  And this seems to fix the issue on my phone.


Now to install it on every phone within our organization.  NOT!


Don't go bad mouthing Tyler!  In fact he's the one who brought up this wrinkle while talking to me.  It's a workaround; and we both agreed the root cause needs to be found.


But, that article does cover fixing this issue on the Tableau Server.  Thus a fix, and not a workaround!


Sadly, I don't have admin privileges on our server.  So I'll pass along this information and let y'all know how things turned out.



While we were chatting, I took the opportunity to give some feedback on the messages that Tableau Mobile displayed.


  • "Tableau Mobile cannot connect to Tableau Public."
    This reads as an error.  Instead, how about "Tableau Mobile doesn't support connections to Tableau Public." 
    And for brevity, place the details in a More Info link.  E.g. "This app requires a Tableau Online or Tableau Server account."
  • "The URL you provided specifies an encrypted (https) connection, but the server's certificate is untrusted."
    Honestly, I'm being pedantic here.  But, IMHO, the wording should've been "..., but the server's certificate failed its chain of trust."
    Space is limited, and you probably don't even want to mention the certificate is actually trusted.  It would just confuse the issue.


Don't Mix Your Content

Web pages should never mix secure and insecure content.


I've purposely made all hyperlinks in this post use https.  And, for some, you've probably seen what a mess that causes.  The following are some of these links, but using http instead.