Artisan Roasted Hazelnut Coffee

Break time!  Oooh, this looks promising.  Catchy branding, enticing description.  What could go wrong?


What!?  Store brand coffee; natural and artificial flavoring.  Well, it is 100% Arabica beans; and it does say your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.  Eh, might as well.  You’re here anyway.


New To Tableau

I need the coffee just the same.  I just installed Tableau Desktop and got access to our own Tableau Server.  You know me, never happier than when I get to learn to use a tool.


Oh that’s right, you don’t know me.  I’m new here.  I started off wandering around the place, trying to get a feel for what resources are available.  But, it’s time to dig in and get some work done.  Learn what Tableau can do for me.


Glad to make your acquaintance.  I got to say I’m excited.