As of December 16, 2015




JOIN Data from Different Sources5662012-02-20
Ability to JOIN Data Extracts1642013-03-12
Dimensionally Modeled Extracts1022013-04-03
Support Right Join and Full Outer Join for Excel & Text in new connector902014-05-16
Support cross product / cross join / Cartesian join / Cartesian product in new connection interface302014-05-16
Support custom WHERE clause in new connection interface302014-05-16
Support non-equi-join criteria for new Excel & text connector212014-05-16
Custom SQL connecting multiple Tableau .TDE files162014-11-06
Join tde tables132014-09-16
Join culling when using outer join132014-05-16
More Join Condition Options82014-08-29
Oracle SQL hint without using custom SQL52014-05-16
Only Join on tables needed for the workbook52013-07-31
join two excel sheets of different workbooks42012-05-24
Have a state of filter, where it is not causing the join of its source table32014-05-16
Spatial Join12014-07-30
The issue is that Tableau Desktop is applying the data source filters to the entire data source, rather than the specific tables in the join2016-05-25
Define a Data Domain   a "join" idea, because it would make it possible to avoid left joins for showing empty categories2016-04-21



Allow UNION of data sources1262014-05-09
Ability to create a Tableau Data Extract (TDE) using 2 or more TDEs322013-07-29
Union Published Extracts (or any Data Source)2017-01-31



Is it possible to incorporate data reshaping into the Tableau Extract Engine?  Released432013-05-22
Pivot Column112014-08-27
Reshape Data Natively in Tableau  Released102013-10-15
Pivot 2+ data sources prior to join2016-09-14



User-defined metadata automatically assigned552014-04-03
Performance Improvement: Tie numeric ID fields to descriptive string fields92013-05-15
Fillable Aliases32015-08-21
Metadata Library32015-08-02
Integrated Decode Library32013-11-05
Filter list with name, Query with ID2016-08-02


Dynamic Data Source

Use table worksheet as a datasource2142012-10-19
Support Temp tables in Custom SQL472013-04-03
Row Number302014-05-07
Dynamic Data Source212012-03-19
Storing User Data Variables while doing Complex Calculations172012-10-14
Data Tab162014-04-10
Multipass SQL112014-01-06
Table Parameter82014-04-09
Writeback to Excel and Text Files82014-03-28
Writeback Buffer62014-03-18
Multi-Source Functions42013-12-31
Sampling in data connection32014-01-15
Ability to switch data sources using a dropdown on a dashboard12013-06-17



OUTER JOIN492014-02-25
Option to eliminate null value form Quick Filter on secondary data source field412013-11-29
Geocode blended data from secondary datasource282013-02-19
Secondary fields NOT aggregated by default102013-05-03
Using TDEs like Views92014-04-01
Target filters mapping should allow mapping secondary data sources also82014-04-15
Blend multiple tables in series82013-04-24



Easier access to data via API  Released592012-03-26
Include light ETL capabilities in the TDE creation process352013-11-15
Ability to create a Tableau Data Extract (TDE) using 2 or more TDEs322013-07-29
Built-in 2-step SQL engine142013-07-28
Control of Metadata on connection to text files  Released122012-12-17
Tableau Software buy Lavastorm or Alteryx period52013-09-27
provide resolution panel to allow user to control handling of messy dates in csv & excel data files42014-05-23
Data integration and data operation by SQL queries32013-02-20
Auto sync to multiple datasources in a folder22014-10-20


User Interface

Swapping Data Sources322014-12-05
Easy reuse of proven queries92014-01-17
Visualization for Datasource Joins82012-08-01
Custom select columns from a table or custom SQL query72014-11-10
Remember database connection62014-04-09
Update embedded Excel files52014-04-24
Join structure visibility in worksheets32015-01-23
Easier, graphical way to build relationships between tables32014-01-28
Easy reuse of join definitions22014-01-22
Speed up Custom SQL window22013-07-16
Separate concepts of "Data Source" and "Data Connection"2016-09-15



Extract children132014-03-14
Hybrid Extract / live datasources92012-09-04
Querying a Tableu Extract72013-01-02
Multi-pass Aggregations  Released42013-03-07


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