• it is easier to scan ideas
  • they save time doing prework (to avoid creating duplicates) when creating ideas
  • they make it easier to avoid creation of duplicates
  • it is easier and faster to make better voting decisions
  • stats guide us to hot ideas and make it more fun to engage in the idea section
  • easier evaluation before purchase by knowing the limits of Tableau  (I rarely if ever experience or expect marketing & sales to tell me the limits of the product they sell - that essential information we need to find elsewhere such as bloggers, competitors and idea section)



  • we notice something we haven't noticed before
  • reading a collection of ideas at the same time inspires new and better quality ideas
  • both points above include of course both idea authors and Tableau developer teams
  • referring to a collection makes it easier to avoid discouraging remarks about duplicates
  • referring to a collection promotes ideas and encourages more voting participation
  • I learn a lot about Tableau by reading ideas (what is missing and/or frustrating) and even more when read as a whole (collection) for each singular topic or feature
  • knowing the limits (ideas) of Tableau help us to avoid wasting time trying to do the impossible


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

― Aristotle