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Posted by kettan Nov 6, 2017


  • it is easier to scan ideas
  • they save time doing prework (to avoid creating duplicates) when creating ideas
  • they make it easier to avoid creation of duplicates
  • it is easier and faster to make better voting decisions
  • stats guide us to hot ideas and make it more fun to engage in the idea section
  • easier evaluation before purchase by knowing the limits of Tableau  (I rarely if ever experience or expect marketing & sales to tell me the limits of the product they sell - that essential information we need to find elsewhere such as bloggers, competitors and idea section)



  • we notice something we haven't noticed before
  • reading a collection of ideas at the same time inspires new and better quality ideas
  • both points above include of course both idea authors and Tableau developer teams
  • referring to a collection makes it easier to avoid discouraging remarks about duplicates
  • referring to a collection promotes ideas and encourages more voting participation
  • I learn a lot about Tableau by reading ideas (what is missing and/or frustrating) and even more when read as a whole (collection) for each singular topic or feature
  • knowing the limits (ideas) of Tableau help us to avoid wasting time trying to do the impossible


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

― Aristotle


Data Flexibility

Posted by kettan Nov 6, 2017

As of December 16, 2015




JOIN Data from Different Sources5662012-02-20
Ability to JOIN Data Extracts1642013-03-12
Dimensionally Modeled Extracts1022013-04-03
Support Right Join and Full Outer Join for Excel & Text in new connector902014-05-16
Support cross product / cross join / Cartesian join / Cartesian product in new connection interface302014-05-16
Support custom WHERE clause in new connection interface302014-05-16
Support non-equi-join criteria for new Excel & text connector212014-05-16
Custom SQL connecting multiple Tableau .TDE files162014-11-06
Join tde tables132014-09-16
Join culling when using outer join132014-05-16
More Join Condition Options82014-08-29
Oracle SQL hint without using custom SQL52014-05-16
Only Join on tables needed for the workbook52013-07-31
join two excel sheets of different workbooks42012-05-24
Have a state of filter, where it is not causing the join of its source table32014-05-16
Spatial Join12014-07-30
The issue is that Tableau Desktop is applying the data source filters to the entire data source, rather than the specific tables in the join2016-05-25
Define a Data Domain   a "join" idea, because it would make it possible to avoid left joins for showing empty categories2016-04-21



Allow UNION of data sources1262014-05-09
Ability to create a Tableau Data Extract (TDE) using 2 or more TDEs322013-07-29
Union Published Extracts (or any Data Source)2017-01-31



Is it possible to incorporate data reshaping into the Tableau Extract Engine?  Released432013-05-22
Pivot Column112014-08-27
Reshape Data Natively in Tableau  Released102013-10-15
Pivot 2+ data sources prior to join2016-09-14



User-defined metadata automatically assigned552014-04-03
Performance Improvement: Tie numeric ID fields to descriptive string fields92013-05-15
Fillable Aliases32015-08-21
Metadata Library32015-08-02
Integrated Decode Library32013-11-05
Filter list with name, Query with ID2016-08-02


Dynamic Data Source

Use table worksheet as a datasource2142012-10-19
Support Temp tables in Custom SQL472013-04-03
Row Number302014-05-07
Dynamic Data Source212012-03-19
Storing User Data Variables while doing Complex Calculations172012-10-14
Data Tab162014-04-10
Multipass SQL112014-01-06
Table Parameter82014-04-09
Writeback to Excel and Text Files82014-03-28
Writeback Buffer62014-03-18
Multi-Source Functions42013-12-31
Sampling in data connection32014-01-15
Ability to switch data sources using a dropdown on a dashboard12013-06-17



OUTER JOIN492014-02-25
Option to eliminate null value form Quick Filter on secondary data source field412013-11-29
Geocode blended data from secondary datasource282013-02-19
Secondary fields NOT aggregated by default102013-05-03
Using TDEs like Views92014-04-01
Target filters mapping should allow mapping secondary data sources also82014-04-15
Blend multiple tables in series82013-04-24



Easier access to data via API  Released592012-03-26
Include light ETL capabilities in the TDE creation process352013-11-15
Ability to create a Tableau Data Extract (TDE) using 2 or more TDEs322013-07-29
Built-in 2-step SQL engine142013-07-28
Control of Metadata on connection to text files  Released122012-12-17
Tableau Software buy Lavastorm or Alteryx period52013-09-27
provide resolution panel to allow user to control handling of messy dates in csv & excel data files42014-05-23
Data integration and data operation by SQL queries32013-02-20
Auto sync to multiple datasources in a folder22014-10-20


User Interface

Swapping Data Sources322014-12-05
Easy reuse of proven queries92014-01-17
Visualization for Datasource Joins82012-08-01
Custom select columns from a table or custom SQL query72014-11-10
Remember database connection62014-04-09
Update embedded Excel files52014-04-24
Join structure visibility in worksheets32015-01-23
Easier, graphical way to build relationships between tables32014-01-28
Easy reuse of join definitions22014-01-22
Speed up Custom SQL window22013-07-16
Separate concepts of "Data Source" and "Data Connection"2016-09-15



Extract children132014-03-14
Hybrid Extract / live datasources92012-09-04
Querying a Tableu Extract72013-01-02
Multi-pass Aggregations  Released42013-03-07


The quality of bending easily without breaking



Posted by kettan Nov 6, 2017
  1. They emphasize a need.
  2. They hopefully increase the influence on Tableau.
  3. They add new angles and shades not clearly presented in original idea which are helpful for Tableau product developers.
  4. They promote the original idea when someone tells it is a duplicate.
  5. They are sometime much much better written than the original and therefore a better representative of a feature request.
  6. When better written, they attract more up-votes and thus increase the chance of Tableau actually putting it on their product roadmap.
  7. They might only be partial duplicates.
  8. They might not be a duplicate (as for how solution), but only look like a duplicate because they address the same (what is the problem) issues.
  9. They are often made by first time idea contributors. Seeing new contributors who care about improving Tableau's products makes me happy and hopefully many others too.
  10. When addressed issue is a big pain, it might be good therapy to up-vote a long list of duplicates.
  11. They might make other duplicate authors (and of course the original too) feel less alone wanting a particular feature (improvement).

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