Working at an openly-matrixed company is both refreshing and confusing.


I'm a 3-year "veteran" (for lack of a better term) at a cool mid-sized company called The Motley Fool in Alexandria, VA.  We're a company full of fun-loving, hard-working equals who are encouraged to make great data-informed decisions each day.  That's the spiel at a lot of places, I know - but it's a reality here.


Anywho, as the tentacles of data influence have spread, so too has the need for data-structure and governance. 


That's where I come in.


Lock and Key.jpg


I have used Tableau for about... whoo... 6 years now?  Maybe longer. Whatever the case, I am currently tasked with adding permissions and groups within our existing environment so that people can stay in the know without seeing sensitive company info.  One wrinkle, I'm new to Tableau Server.


Just to spell out the contradiction and complications there: "Completely open company now wants permission privileges set by a proverbial newb."


Now that we're all on the same page, I set out in typical information gathering fashion:


  • I came across a great resource for Server that Tableau provides (the documentation you find FROM Tableau itself never ceases to amaze me - even after all these years).
  • I've spoken with my account rep (Mitch Friedman - great guy).
  • And I've scoured portions of the Tableau Community for advice.


I hope to post the results of all of this off-hours work when I'm done -- but until then, please wish me luck!