I have appeared for Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate exam recently have have managed to get through .


There might be already a blog posted or you will find details in community forums . But just wanted to share my experiences. Below are my recommendations that i followed


1. Go through certification directory from Tableau Certification | Tableau Software

2. Download the prep guide : exam prep guide

3. Go through basic points that should be covered in exam to brief here

Exam Format

Time Limit: 2 hours (Please plan for extra time for online exam setup)

Passing Score: 75%

Number of Questions: 36

Scoring: Automatically scored; point value varies per question type with hands-on worth more

Question Format: Multiple choice, multiple response, true/false, hands-on

Language(s) Offered: English

Delivery Platform: Virtual Machine containing Tableau Desktop

Exam contains 36 questions . Each questions carry points based on difficulty and topic it is based on .  So it is not necessary we answer only 27 questions or more correctly to pass . But score as many correct answers you could . There is specific distribution on each topic as mentioned in prep guide.


Next Step would be Preparation :


Installation :


You might want to Install Tableau before you start with actual training .

Tableau provides 14 days trial for Tableau Desktop .

Tableau Desktop | Tableau Software


Tableau Public is free to Install . Only thing is you can save your tableau workbooks to tableau public portal :

Download Now | Tableau Public


I recommend to download and Install Tableau Public because while we are learning mostly we use Sample data sets and it covers almost all features with Tableau Desktop .

Also its free and can be installed on personal computers and if allowed in some organisations unless you wont be posting any data to public platform which is of greater importance to organisation.



         You will have various hands on exercises with solution . Download all ZIP files and you will find .twbx files,datasets with website created with step by step solutions . I found this very useful to learn basics as well as advanced concepts . For Tableau Public these files may not open directly but you can always extract a twbx files to get underlying data.

Have Tableau Reader Installed to validate with Completed Solutions.

  • Tableau Tips -  VizWiz.com . Great tips , Tableau Tip Tuesday , Workout Wednesdays are my favorites
  • https://www.interworks.com/blog/channel/tableau-tips
  • Youtube provides numerous videos : Tableau 10 - YouTube posted by Tableau, Jedi Tips , Andy Kriebel , Bharat DW COnsultancy , Edureka and many much more gives lots of options to try yourself.
  • Lots and lots of Hands On exercises
  • Prepare for latest functionalities that come up with Tableau's latest version . I did attend exam with Tableau Desktop version 10.5 and had questions related to latest functionalities added to Tableau Desktop with this Version. Keep up with latest updates of Tableau and its features.


Self Assessment  :


You can take up below challenges to test your Tableau Skills :

Link : https://unilytics.com/category/tableau/tableau-master-challenge/?utm_medium=unilytics.com&utm_source=&utm_campaign=thought+leadership&utm_content=:TMC+all&UC.cid=UTLBlTMCall&WT.mc_id=UTLBlTMCall


This is blog created  by Bronson Shonk -  Tableau Public

  • Kaggle Challenge:



Schedule Exam :

Once you are comfortable with Tableau . Schedule Exam via Loyalist Exam Services : Loyalist Exam Services


Prepare Before Exam :

Note below points before exam : Perform all required tests provided by Loyalist on machine you choose to give exam on .


Requisites for exam :

You should be single person in room at exam duration .

You should have webcam and good headsets with microphone .

Carry government photo id for verification .

Should stay at desk all time .


Important to Note :

When you start exam a addon/exe is pushed to download . This is for Boomgar Client for remote desktop connections used by Proctors .

Make sure you have no firewall blocks if you are using office laptop/machine.


Suggestions to follow during exam :

1. Solve as much questions as you could

2. if you are stuck with a question move ahead and attempt next one . Time is crucial here.

3. Flag questions you are not sure off . You can attempt them at the end .


After Exam :

You will have to fill in a simple survey rating your experience with exam and proctor assisting you.


Detailed distribution of marks will be shared with you after exam like below


Make sure you not miss anything you are good at and put in more effort on your weaknesses.


Hope all details mentioned above really helps