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Max Leepson
Hello, I have a table with dates as the columns (site & region are the two leftmost columns). (screenshot below) The sheet is used to track attendance by site over time...and new columns are being… (Show more)
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Timothy Banuelos
Hello - I am having some trouble with the following:   1. I have a Map of parking structures 2. I have Occupancy of these structures that is taken multiple times through the day 3. I am using a… (Show more)
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Stella Wang
Hi I have a data sheet with column called subject ID, and the data is like this:   Subject ID 100,001 100,002 100,003 ...   I want to change this format when joining the other data set. The… (Show more)
Phillip Le
Hi all,   I am using the analysis feature in tableau to add column grand total. It works fine for the numbers, but I have a column percent % to goal and it's correct for everything except for the… (Show more)
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Stephen Skinner
H E L P !  Hello Tableau Community...   I am building a sheet to show the local election results by rank 1-2-3 on a map and could really use some direction.  I would like to use the map to color… (Show more)
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n s
I have a date field that I need to filter. I want the data to always only show the previous last two weeks.   Currently, I have to manually update the filter weekly as new data is generated but I… (Show more)
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Hello, I'm creating a parameter with dates and I'm looking to add a All option to view all of the data. I added a placeholder 'All' in the parameter by adding the value 1/01/00.   My question is how… (Show more)
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David Weaver
I would appreciate some help with the following problem. Tableau 2020.1.0   I want to create a density or heat map based upon the sum of “PI” values associated with geographical points that fall… (Show more)
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Aneurin Bosley
Hi Everybody,   I'm seeking some advice on filtering dates.   I've got a dashboard that is being updated from a Google Sheet. Every day a new entry is created on that sheet under that day's date.… (Show more)
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Praveen Konduru
Hello All,   I was wondering how I would be able to pull the most recent month issues. In the example below, I have Year, Month, Location, Issue. I would like to display the following records.  … (Show more)
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Frazer Sloan
Here is the situation:   I have a folder with two files in it. 1 file is an excel document, and the other is my Tableau file.   Each week I copy paste the updated version of the excel file,… (Show more)
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John Carmona
Good morning dear friends.     I am trying to create a ranking based on the year 2020 column.     I already managed to bring the value of the year 2020 as you can see in the following image.  … (Show more)
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John Huang
Hello All,   I have tried varies ways but unable to figure it out in an easy way. Attached is my excel sheet. What I want to do is to calculate the bug ratio = bug created / ticket resolved For… (Show more)
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