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Vien Hua
First and foremost, this is unsupported and will revert back to default upon upgrading or reinstalling. If stuff breaks, you're on your own so take a backup first!   The file that needs to be… (Show more)
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Umapathi Mani
Replayer can be used to play back Tableau Server single or multi-user sessions.   In this section What you need to run Replayer Replayer workflow Identifying traffic on Tableau server to replay…
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Fattaneh Ameri Mahabadian
Hello Everyone,   I try to use filtering between dashboards, I also need to tell a story about dashboards. Can I navigate between dashboards in storyboard? Can I use actions?   Thank you, Fattaneh… (Show more)
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Matt Seitz
When data is exported using Crosstab, the exported file uses a ".csv" extention, but the data is not actually in CSV format (comma-spearated variables).  The data is actually in tab-separated…
Xiyu Huan
Hi All,   I have my company font installed on the Tableau server and my desktop. However, when I published the dashboard to the server, not all of the widgets display the customized font. The… (Show more)
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Collin Swihart
Hello,   I have two sheets being toggled by a parameter filter. However, they both require the ability to scroll up and down (Fitting to view makes the data too scrunched). Is there another way to… (Show more)
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ishu leo
Hi Team,   Trying to calculate previous month sales for the month passed in filter via Action filter . Attached workbook . I need the previous month sales in sheet 2 based on the month clicked in… (Show more)
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Elizabeth Forman
    The tooltip associated with trend lines is ugly.  I can't think of a situation where an end user would want to see the equation used to calculate the trendline.  I would love to have the ability…
Is there a way to create a graph like the attached image - a spider graph in Tableau? (I'm using Tableau Desktop 2018.1) There are red dots and blue stars. Each of the red dots is connected to 3… (Show more)
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Shawn Wallwork
Per Joe's request here's an idea that we both agree there is a need for. Please allow us to completely turn off all tool tips. This next suggestion may be a step too far for Joe (let me know if it is…
Kevin Larson
We just upgraded our server and desktops to 10.5, our desktops are 10.5.3 and some of us are getting the IPC_NamedPipe::Select(WaitForMultipleObjects): Timeout Unable to connect to the server error… (Show more)
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Mike Pratt
I am wanting to create a tree map, but only show the top 20 stakeholder groups based on the number of tickets they have associated with them, how would I go about doing that.
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