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meenu choudhary
Hi All,   Is there any way to schedule Tableau report and share it in csv/xls format as attachment?   I have gone through several blogs, but everywhere the solution is given for .pdf attachments  … (Show more)
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Georgiana Ang
Hello,   I am currently trying to create a calculated field which changes dynamically with the filters applied. To be more specific, I want to calculate Gross Margin (%) where my data contains the… (Show more)
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Marc Levy
In the attached workbook, I'd like to create a highlight table.  There would be one color range for the Overall Conditions score column, and another color range/gradient scheme for the cost index as… (Show more)
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Sl L
Hi there   Currently, we could use Analysis -> Table Layout -> Show Field Labels for Rows/Columns to show/hide field labels, and this action applies to all field labels at row/column.   But, if i… (Show more)
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Yaniv Yalda
Hi Team,   I've been having major performance issues with the mac version of Tableau Prep 2019.1.2 I had to revert back to old version (2018.2.1) as the performance on my new macbook is below par.  … (Show more)
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Holly Do
Hi, does anyone have a guide to using Let's Encrypt to get https for Tableau Server on a linux system? I currently have Tableau server running on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.    Thank you,
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Nurul Nadia Natasha Mohd Khairi
Hi Tableau Experts,   Attached is my workbook (using beta version of Native PostgreSQL Spatial Support Pre-Release), can someone advise why calculated field 'Total Civil Cost' is not working? The… (Show more)
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Kumar Guntupalli
Tableau Admin Gurus,   I successfully installed Tableau Server 2018.2 on my machine to test out the functionality. After the successful install, It opened up a webpage to enter the username and… (Show more)
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Joey Liew
Hi, I have a few issue creating bar + line chart using tableau. Not able to make the Grand Total(COMP) to be a line chart. No line separating each month Secondary y-axis to show the yy-MMM value… (Show more)
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Richard S.
I am trying to create a filter using the measure names but not show all of the options.  I only want to show 4 items out of 50.   I created a parameter called "Select a Measure1", then I'm trying to… (Show more)
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Junaid Malik
Hi Guys! Need help with 1 problem.   i am trying to create hirearchy and in my hirearchy, level 2(L2) data and level 3(L3)  data is same. e.g. below image (excel)   now the problem is when i put… (Show more)
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Myles Kime
Hey,   I have a simple data set;   ID Frequency 1 Hourly 2 Daily 3 Weekly 4 Weekly 5 null 6 Daily 7 Weekly 8 Hourly 9 null 10 Hourly   I'm plotting Frequency vs. SUM(Number of Records); and… (Show more)
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