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Jonathan Drummey
Replacing a data source in Tableau retains calculated fields and all that goodness, but loses some elements of the original, in particular aliased dimensions and assigned colors. I'd like Tableau to…
Krishna Mummaneni
Hi, I am struggling to create a LOD variable to get MAX(count(Id)) across all locations even though filtered for another location. Example data set is: Id     Loc 1     A 2     A 3     A 4    … (Show more)
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nicole castanon
We got some new branding guidelines and I want to make sure everyone who has a Tableau Desktop license at my company (eventually we will have server) is using the same color palette in our Tableau… (Show more)
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Scott Schmeling
Good Morning,   I am trying to create a table that has the following columns:   Previous, Current, Difference, 3 month sparkline.   I am looking to see if there is a Window function or someway to… (Show more)
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Melissa Fanucci
Hey there! I have used this calculated field in the past and its worked,   IF [dimension]="Whatever" THEN [measure] END   But in this particular instance I can't get it to work and am officially… (Show more)
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Asheesh Pandey
We need to find a list of users who logged in past one year and also determine how many times have they logged in. We can get the list of users last logged in using POSTGRE database using users… (Show more)
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Mohanganeesh Dorairaj
Can we get Rounded corner for Dashboard Layouts? More pleasing looks for dashboard!
David Taylor
About This Article Over the past few weeks, I was assigned the task of connecting Tableau to a DB2 Stored Procedure. This interaction needed to be a live connection, and it needed to accept… (Show more)
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doug funny
Hi all, I'm new to the data viz world, so this may be a dumb question.   I have a series of continuous dates (as in March 1978 - June 1981) that I'd like to gather together into a single timeline.  … (Show more)
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Milan Pandey
Hello,   I've installed Tableau server on Centos 7 machine and installed R on the same machine as well. I've set tsm configuration as- - vizqlserver.extsvc.port… (Show more)
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Moritz Funk
Hi guys,   I think it would be great, if a parallel usage of R and Python on the Tableau Server would be avaiable. If possible, Desktop would also be great, but Server would be more important.   We…
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muhammad usman
SCRIPT_REAL("     from scipy.stats import linregress     slope, intercept, r_value, p_value, std_err = linregress(_arg1, _arg2)     return [slope*x + intercept for x in _arg1]     ", SUM([Revenue… (Show more)
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