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Marc Levy
In the tooltip, when you hover over a name, I would like to show all the projects that particular contact is involved in.   For instance, hovering over James Smith would show in the tool tip that he… (Show more)
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Steffanie Harris
For any US map, I am not able to display 15% of the locations that we ship product to because Tableau has a 15k population limitation.  This creates a lot of extra work in that any data file that I…
Ryan Tom
Hello all,   I have 2 graphs that use the profit (bin) dimension on the X-axis, and percent of total of count distinct customer names on the Y-axis. Each is being filtered on manufacturer, where one… (Show more)
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Marlon Kaltenborn
In the attached workbook I have created a viz that shows the dates for which each "Name" appears, and also the number of days since the previous date for each.   Now I need to show the average… (Show more)
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Olá pessoal bom dia! criei um Dashboard com o gráfico interativo. Porem ao  publicar no Server não funciona a ação, pelo que vi é necessário fazer algum script em Javascript. Alguem tem tutorial ou… (Show more)
Devin Lavelle
I'm sure there must be a very easy way to do this, but for the life of me, I can't find it.   I have an equation that calculates an output (Y), based on an input (X). It's fairly complicated, but… (Show more)
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Rick Kunkel
The hist tables contain a lot of historical information, including some changes made to object.  They do not, however, (as far as I'm aware) contain the history of permissions changes.  Some tables…
Tim Zalk
Problem: Editing complex calculated fields becomes difficult and error prone with the lack of functionality in the calculated field editor. Troubleshooting errors and bugs becomes difficult when…
Matters Most
Hi All,   I am trying to color the different fields in a dimension to different colors. As shown in the picture below, There's a dimension called STATUS, which has the following fields in it. 1.… (Show more)
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Rodrigo Calloni
When designing a dashboard it is very hard to predict the exact dimensions the product will have at the end.   If the author is building a dashboard with floating elements, a change in the dashboard…
Jorge Neto
Sometimes is painful format something in Tableau.     My suggestion is to create the capability of select some fields in sheet to format directly in vizualization.     Examples: 1 - Click in a…
While I'd like to keep by default the current behaviour of column widths of text tables, it would be nice to also have the option to:   1. Fix the width of each column individually 2. Add a "Fit to…
Mark Permann
I know you can set row height with click and drag: Resizing Rows and Columns I want to be able to do so precisely, so that I can line up rows across worksheets on a dashboard. Here's someone else…
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