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I setup the smtp server using the tsm import settings tool, applied config and yet the alarms dont send email. Is there a log where i can check for errors?   Thanks!
in Server Administration
Jeff Maze
We recently upgraded from Tableau Server 2018.1 to 2018.3 which broke our ability to send email subscriptions.  We use G-Suite as our SMTP.  Previously under 2018.1 this worked fine by enabling the… (Show more)
in Server Administration
Madara Uchiha
Hello Tableau Community,   I have a weird problem at the moment with my upcoming Tableau Dashboard, which counts my aggregations wrong. Here a short explanation: - We have Database, where the… (Show more)
in Forums
Aashis Khanal
Hello All, I am having trouble applying a date filter to my sql view which has two different dates for separate records. Underlying design: table 1 contains leads with created date and contains… (Show more)
in Forums
Daniel Sullivan
I am connecting to a Google Sheets doc with three date columns.  I have checked the values in all three columns, and none have explicitly designated the values as dates (Format > Number > Date). … (Show more)
in Forums
Shri Siva
Hi,   I have a requirement  where the users can select any 2 dates (there are total 5 snapshot dates and users can select any 2 dates) and the report should show the difference of qty in those 2… (Show more)
in Forums
Hello,   I've been working on this calculation for a day and half with no luck so I'm going to reach out to the experts--I really think the answer is probably simple, but every forum and Google… (Show more)
in Forums
Rama Kolli
Hi,   I am using parameters in customer SQL query and pass values on URL shown below. This gives different results than when I hard code same values in the Query. Please help me. I am new to… (Show more)
in Forums
Erin Hodson
Hi, hope you're all doing well! I've run into an issue updating a data source on a dashboard created by our IT department. One of the data sources on the dashboard is a Tableau extract Hyper file. I… (Show more)
in Forums
John Markley
Currently the active directory group sync only removes a user's access who is no longer in Active Directory altogether, and even then they remain on the site just with no license.  If they leave the…
Xavier P
Have you created a control parameter from a list? Do you update that list with data additions regularly? If so, you, will have noticed that the list is not sortable alphabetically anymore.  What…
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