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Gondhi Rakesh
Hi Team,   I am working Survey Data, Scale 1 to 10, Here 1 to 6 Bad, 7 to 10 Good and 8 to 10 Very Good.   I created calculation filed but it's overlapping 7 to 10 and 8 to 10, please help me.  … (Show more)
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Need Sample Design ideas with charts,parameters,drill down for this excel kind of report (Attached)
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How to sort a common date time field (asc/desc) for multiple sheets in a dashboard at the same time
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sankari K M
I had a below error while refreshing extracts in 10.5.6. It was running fine earlier and failed today with the below error. Data source type is Amazon redshift.  … (Show more)
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Naga Karnati
Hi,   We are moving from Outlook Exchange server to Gmail. I have been given a new server name to update in SMTP tab in Tableau server configuration window. When I update the new server name, I… (Show more)
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Han Yang
Hi Guys,   I got some problems on the Tableau Filters. I'm trying to remove the Null from filter. I tried several different methods but all of them did not work.   The Null value is not in the… (Show more)
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Alex Chang
i have a  string e.g. "11/23/2018 4:13:05 PM" and i'm trying to conversion to tableau format search function called dateparse can help me try to  DATEPARSE("mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss a",[START TIME])… (Show more)
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Tanner McDaniel
Hey fellow Tableau users,   I'm trying to figure out how to lookup the previous row in an excel file and see if it matches a particular result. I can then use it as a filter the 'True' and 'False'… (Show more)
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Kazuya Niikura
いつもお世話になっております。 Niikuraと申します。   目標と実績のデータを用いて、目標と実績の内訳と目標達成率が纏まったドーナツグラフを作成したいと思っています。 イメージは添付画像のように、目標と実績の内訳を円グラフで表した上で、真ん中に目標達成率をラベルで表示します。    … (Show more)
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혜두 장
Hi, I have an issue regarding the text , hope some of the users in the community know the answer to this problem. I've set the maximum rows as 16 rows in menu Analytics > Table Layout > Advanced… (Show more)
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Tyler Kurtz
My customers' timeline is long (45 to 180 days) and has several "milestones" along the purchase path.  Our data captures the date each of these milestones is achieved.  I'd love to be able to filter…
Kashish Bhola
Hi Community!   I'am facing a small issue i.e i have made a sheet and attached in the tooltip of another sheet but the data which is shown to me in the original sheet is different in the tooltip of… (Show more)
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