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    Comparison of Tableau Forecast Values vs Actual Values

    Emma Lock

      Hi all,


      I am working on a dashboard that charts sales data over about a 4 year period. I have made use of the Tableau Forecast functionality to get a forecast of sales.

      My client has asked that the dashboard also shows a comparison of the forecast values vs the actual values achieved.


      I have seen a couple threads about this topic, but none that have a solution that would work for me. The most common solution is to take a copy of the Forecast data and paste it onto a new sheet, turn this into a graph and then place it on a dashboard with the actual values on another sheet on that dashboard. (As with this thread How to build a simple sales forecast model based on historical sales data or on this video Tableau Tutorial: How to Create the Best Forecast - YouTube ).


      The problem with this solution is that it takes a snapshot of the data at that point in time. This means that it won't update when the new data comes in. I would also like to be able to see these on the same chart - rather than on separate sheets, but this is not a requirement so I can do without it.


      The business question would be: What was the forecast for month x, and what did we actually achieve in that month? The picture below shows what I would like to create (made in Excel).



      Does anyone know if this is possible in Tableau and how to do it? To have a live, updating forecast vs actual chart / table? The superstore data can be used as an example workbook as it is basically the same.