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    Waterfall Chart

    Shashank Gupta

      I am trying to create a waterfall chart for cost movement from 2018 ytd to 2019 ytd.

      It should show 2018 ytd total, direct cost and indirect cost variable variance between 2019 ytd and 2018 ytd, 2019 ytd total.


      I was able to create in 2 pages and merged them in single dashboard. Now I want to create all in single page instead of multiple pages.

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          Soumitra Godbole

          Hi Shashank,


               In the past couple of months I have helped build 2 different types of Waterfall charts. It would greatly help

          if you have dummy data by any chance. Meanwhile I have posted the 2 threads along with a screenshot of

          how each one works and what is the end result. Follow the 2 urls and you will be able to download twbx files

          and get step by step details on building different Waterfall charts.



          1) Waterfall chart in a Single View (fun and challenging) :




          Waterfall 1.png



          2) Waterfall chart combining 3 visuals (relatively easier):


          Visualization & scaling


          Waterfall 2.PNG


          I sincerely hope you find the above links useful and are able to create your visual using a similar approach. Do let me

          know in case of any questions. Also in case this answers your question, then please mark as helpful, correct answer.

          Best Wishes !





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            Shashank Gupta

            Soumitra Godbole


            Thank you for sharing the solution. I am preparing the Cost and revenue waterfall chart. In above example we have entity that we can assume as Revenue or Expense Items, but we do not have entity number or number against revenue or expense.

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              Soumitra Godbole

              You're welcome and I hope you were able to create your Waterfall chart. Best wishes !





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                Shashank Gupta

                I am still trying to work out the solution for waterfall chart. My data has all the expense hierarchy from parent to child. I have tried the above solution, but it is not working

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                  Soumitra Godbole

                  Hi Shashank,


                  It would have helped if you had provided some dummy data as the earlier charts were made

                  for specific data structures and parameters/filters. Please provide some dummy data or an

                  attached workbook and we'll be glad to help create your visual. Best wishes !


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                    Shashank Gupta

                    Soumitra Godbole


                    Account  month.  Amount

                    Cost1.       Jan.     100

                    Cost2.        Jan      200

                    Cost3.        Jan.     300

                    Cost4.        Jan.     400

                    Cost1.        Feb      200

                    Cost2.        Feb.     300

                    Cost3.        Feb.     400


                    This is the dummy data I have made as I can't share the original data.

                    I just need to select the month waterfall would be updated accordingly