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    Bug? Worksheet tabs not displaying even when "show workbook sheets as tabs" box is selected

    Jim Gores

      Hi All,


      I recently uploaded a workbook to Tableau Public and even though I selected the "Show workbook sheets as tabs", when a viewer first goes to the page, no tabs are displayed.


      No tabs.PNG


      Tabs box checked.PNG


      But then if you click on one of the sheets in the Metadata area in the bottom right corner, the tabs will appear when the new sheet loads.


      I've now had this happen twice on two different projects and I can't for the life of me get the tabs to display until you click one of the links in the Metadata section.  Help!


      The issue seems to somehow be tied to the shared link.  The shared link won't work:



      But if I copy and paste the link from my browser it will:




      Any ideas?  Thanks!