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    Tabpy and Anaconda

    Kazumi Nozawa



      I would like to "import networkx as nx" using calculated field. 



      However, I received this error message:



      I've looked at this article: How to import a python file to use a customered python function

      It seems like we have to use Anaconda to import the python package.


      For background, I downloaded the Tabpy-0.4 on my Desktop.  When I started tabpy, it didn't install anaconda automatically.  Therefore, I downloaded Anaconda and it was saved under the directory C:\Users\knozawa\.anaconda.


      I also referred to this link (Integrate Tableau and Python (Using Anaconda) to install the tabpy-server using Anaconda (Command: pip install tabpy-server).  However, when I opened the "startup.bat" file, it closed very quickly without running.


      Does anyone know
      1. How to install Tabpy and Anaconda correctly?
      2. Import python package using a calculated field?