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    Tableau Mobile: Access and Dashboard Action

    Erin Qiao

      Hi All,


      We have some dashboard on our own tableau server and users access them via a Table of Contents now. We want to try Tableau Mobile, but we have some problems with the mobile app:


      1. Since we have permission control, users can only explore the dashboards they have access. Now we control their access through the table of contents, however, in the mobile app, all users can view all the dashboards through the hub of Explore. Is there any way that the mobile app connects to a specific view instead of the entire server?
      2. We have some click actions in some dashboards that some of them are dependent. For example, two actions of which one is to remove some views and the other one is to add some views. To separate tooltip and filter, the common method is to replace action through click with action through menu. However, in our case, if we set action through menu instead of click, the dependent actions can't be completed at a time. Is there any way to solve this?