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    Weighted Average Aggregated Measure

    Fernando Visani



      I have a dashboard in which I show the Total for the Absolute Accuracy of Actuals vs Forecast. Now I need to show the total Weighted Average of this KPI for the selected period.


      The way I'm calculating the Accuracy KPI is as follows:



      As I want to show the total and I have other dimensions in the table as well, I can't do a simple Actuals/Forecast-1, so I have to aggregated it.


      The thing is that, when trying to calculate the WA in the standard way, which is SUM(KPI_1 * Weight)/SUM(Weight), I get an error of Aggregated/Non-Aggregated. When trying to use LOD, I got somewhere (it gives me 31.7%):



      But couldn't make it match the value I have in Excel:



      Could you help me make the same weighted average in Tableau?

      Attached you may see a sample workbook and the database.