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    Group and sorted display of Set data (Workout Wednesday week 41)

    Sumati Gaur

      Hi Community


      I am trying to solve the workoutwednesday2019 problem set : Which customers are costing us most? - Requirement to select customers from profit to weighted discount scatter plat and -rearrange-highlight the details in the adjacent table

      I am able to work thorough the problem statement but totally lost on how to group the data and show it in the top rows of the table.

      What I need help on :


      1. Arrangement of data: The In/Out of set as column is not needed but on removing it the selected rows gets distributed as per data source order.I want to keep all set data on top of table.

      Please share how these can be done

      2. How to do the cohort analysis for the in set data. I know how to do it when set elements/data is fixed. No idea how it works in dynamic set.


      Thank you in advance