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    Calculated Field FIXED:MAX help required

    Sean  Wood

      Dear all,


      My apologies if this appears to be a simple question.


      My task is to find the most recent piece of content a registered person viewed and make a list of the people and content.


      I have a set of email addresses, a list of content viewed by those email addresses and the last time a person accessed each piece of content.


      Some email addresses (i.e. people) have viewed more than one piece of content.


      I am struggling to create a list of email addresses with the most recently viewed piece of content listed.


      See attached screenshot below:



      Fixed Max Filter Illustration.png

      I am trying to use the following calculated field:

      {FIXED [Email] : MAX([End Time])}

      Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 9.59.43.png


      Any suggestions would be appreciated. I would also appreciate it if anyone could spell out their suggestions a little as I am new to Tableau.


      Kind regards,