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    How best to store user input for later story points in Tableau Public

    Blake Pedersen



      I have a workbook published on Tableau Public.  It's pretty basic, link is below.


      - Datasource is an extract with just one "Date" field with date/times starting 1/1/2019 going about 30-40 yrs into the future.

      - Story points published are two dashboards;

        > one leading a user through prompts which store answers as parameters

        > other presents input values stored as a financial output


      Issue :  when interacting with the story on Tableau Public, the changes to the parameters do not update in the second page of the story.  With desktop, the data updated as parameters changed.


      I'm sure this can't be a new topic so if anyone has another forum post I've missed that's worth reading I'll happily do more homework.  Open to alternative approaches if storing input from users in parameters is not a best practice.