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    How to Build a Combination Map from different datasets (Polygons and longitude/latitude scores)?

    Daire Corboy

      Hi there,


      I was hoping someone might be able to help me with an issue I'm having when trying to layer two Maps onto eachother.


      The 1st dataset is made up of polygon data which divides up a map of Ireland into small areas that can be measured in terms of various economic indicators.


      The second dataset contains longitude and latitude scores for addresses which I want plot onto the first dataset map (above). However Tableau doesn't let me map two different datasets onto one another (i.e. have the coloured dots below mapped onto the second image below).


      Has anyone else had the same issue before? Do the datasets need to be unioned in some way for the datapoints to be merged?


      I have attached the workbook below.


      Would really appreciate some guidance guys, thanks a mil in advance